Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years, Christmas, and Boobs!

Like many of you fellow bloggers I too suck at updating my blog... SO sue me.  JK.
I figured since I am home sick from work today with the lovely head cold everyone seems to be passing around in my family I might as well update what has happened in the last month.

New Years!!! 
Well we didn't plan on doing anything except staying home and watching a movie because Jake had been sick all week.  Our friends Jaren and Cortnie said we were invited to come along with them to a New Years get together.... Well I have grown out of all my shirts lately and so I needed to go get one if we were going to be seen by the outside world.  The mall was already closed so we headed over to Target, where we met up with Jaren and Cortnie.... We looked at shirts and none looked worth buying (a little had to do with me being grumpy that night) and I still wanted to look around Target since I love that place.  After awhile we decided that we should just all head back to our house and play some games. 
It ended up being a pretty fun New Years.

My dwindling sparkler :(

Jake and I getting crunk off of 
sparkling cyder and jamming out
on Rock Band 

I hate kissing pictures but 
here is our first kiss of the 
New Year!


This was my first Christmas being married and not waking up in my parents house.  I was sad at the thought that I was all grown up, but it ended being one of the best Christmases ever! Jake got me a Chii, shoes, boots, a gift card to buy clothes for after I have the baby and an itunes card so I can download Justin Timberlake :)
I got everything I wanted and more! Jake got shirts a belt and Rock Band! I was proud of myself for keeping it a secret for that long and suprising him. 
We spent Christmas Eve at my parents doing the traditional crapes dinner and Temple square lights.  It was freezing!!! Then Jake and I headed back to our house and opened our Christmas Jamas! It was an awesome Christmas and I can't wait for next year with our new addition!
- Sorry I guess I don't have any pictures of our Christmas except on my mom's camera :(

BOOB surgery 
Well I didn't get inplants unfortunatly.  Back in Feb of last year while doing bridals I noticed a paid in my left boob.  I just thought it was the wire from the boostiay.  Well the next morning it still was killing me and I felt a farely large lump in my left boob.  So I had to set up an ultra-sound to see if it is solid or liquid.  When I went it they saw it was solid and they set up another appointment for a surgeon.  I this point I was a wreck, thinking I am 20 years old and am going to have breast cancer and will get my boob cut off right before my wedding! I am a little dramatic when it comes to medical  things. 
I went and met with a surgeon in Ogden who was not very nice and told me to just leave it and get it checked on every couple of MONTHS! Who wants to do that? just so you know this lump was so close to the surface that you could see the color of it and it poked out a ton! It wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world to say the least.  Well I wasn't very happy with that Dr but I thought I would just leave it for now.  
Months went by, we got married and two months after that ended up getting pregnant.  When I met with my OB he said I should get the lump check out again and he strongly suggested I get it removed ASAP.  
He suggested another surgeon, so in November of this year I went in and met with an awesome Dr who was a lot more understanding.  We set up the surgery on DEC 12th.  Well the day came and I was so nervous! I wore those lovely hospital gowns, got a very itchy IV (OUCH!) and headed onto the operating room.  They got me all prepped on the bed and all I could thing about was are they really going to leave those dang blinds open facing that neighborhood while they cut my boob open?! I told the Dr and anaesthesiologist how nervous I was and they kept telling me its understandable... and I was like I know, but I think I am so nervous cause of how much Greys Anatomy That I have been watching.  They all got a good laugh out of that.  Since I am pregnant they couldn't put me under completely, just sedate me so I would fall asleep.  Well when he ran that medicine through my IV I wanted to DIE!!! He was like OK now count to ten.  I started counting with the whinniest voice ha ha and ended up I swear at almost 20! I thought I was never going to fall asleep, but I did and I was out!!! Then I woke up in the recovery room to some chick saying how much pain she was in... It was kind of funny to me to listen to her whine.  Rude I know.  Then when the nurse came in I was like do you still have it? She was like have what... and I am all the lump, I wanna see it.  The nice nurse she was, she brought it on over for me to see and it was HUGE! It was like a ball with this thick tail thing.  Gross! I wish I had my camera with me so I could post it and show you all.  
Well they finally let me see Jake and eat some graham crackers! After checking the babies heart for the third time they said I was good to go and wheeled me out to my car.  That was embarrassing! 
Jake took me home and made me a bed in front of the TV and rented me movies and got me treats! It ended up being a relaxing day.  My sister Sharee and adorable nephew Carson came over later on bringing me flowers and a get well balloon.  Carson kept pointing to where I got my IV and said shot? He knows that those are evil like I do.  That night my sweet little mom came and brought us dinner and her famous cookies! I was grateful I still had my appetite!
I am glad to have it out and over with!!! Plus I am glad I had Jake to take care of me.  He was so helpful and sweet! 

Here is a picture of the bandage of the incision.  

PS.  Just so you know this is just a pic of the side of my boob, like what you would see when someone wears a swimsuit. I wouldn't post my little ones on here. 

Well I hope you enjoyed these lovely little updates!