Monday, January 3, 2011

A little update on the little baby!

Everything as been WONDERFUL about this pregnancy! I never threw up and have the best appetite ever! I am starting to show a ton and can feel the tiny kicks from the little bum proving to me that he is indeed still there!
I really started to feel him the day of Christmas with no questions if they were really kicks or if it was bubbles. Jake actually felt him kick this last Sunday! It is starting to seem real now and I hope June comes quickly!!

Now we have picked a name and it will probably stay his name as long as he doesn't end up being a she ha ha, however I am trying to figure the best way to spell it.
We like the Name Beckham, no not from the soccer player David Beckham (that is where I first heard the name cause I liked it as a name before I married, but I am not naming him that cause of the soccer player)... It is actually a family name on Jake's moms side of the family. So we are trying to figure the spelling out.
I don't hate the HAM part of BECKHAM but I don't like it all the much, so here are some ways my friend Cortnie helped me come up with, if you have a different way post it or just tell me what you like the best! Thanks!



We had a fantastic Christmas season! We have so many traditions and spend so much time with family that it is the most wonderful time of the year!
For Christmas Eve my family always goes to Temple square to see the lights... It always seems to be a battle to get there for everyone but as soon as I get there it is all worth it! Temple square is beautiful all year round! After the lights we go back to my parents house and eat crepes... after dinner we exchange gifts between the little grandkids. Savanna got Addison a cute ballerina barbie and my parents got Addison a glitter barbie. She loves barbies lately... When she opened one of them she screamed so loud! It was hilarious! She seriously makes me laugh all day!
Then all the kids still at home (Elizabeth and Katie) plus the grandkids opened their jammies! My mom made all the little grandkids jammies again this year, she made the little girls night gowns. They turned out cute! After that everyone headed home while Jake and I stayed at my parents. We decided that it might be fun to spend Christmas morning at their house this year... A couple deciding factors
*We usually go there first thing in the morning
*We thought it would be fun for Addison to spend the night there and open all her gifts with her aunts and grandparents
*My little Brother was calling from Brazil and I didn't want to miss it!

My little brother is doing great and is catching on with the language! I am so proud of him and look up to him so much... not cause he is taller but because I could never leave my family for two years, let alone leave them to go to another country all by myself! He is brave and a faithful missionary!

I think we all got more then we could ever ask for and just had a great time spending it with so many family members!
I love holidays with kids! It makes it so much more exciting, even more than when I was a kid!
Things I have learned from this Christmas season:
*Pregnant Christmas shopping is the worst!
*Taking a toddler Christmas shopping is even more worst!
*Going Christmas shopping with my parents has to be the worst of the worst!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We sure have and can't wait for what 2011 has for us! Lots to look forward to!