Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Birthday, Vday, and Addi is 2! Whoohoo!

Jan 21st was my birthday and it was a wonderful time! 23 is a lame age... Nothing cool about it, but what can ya do. Jake took me out to Rodizio Grill! Yum! I love that place, it is so gooood! I think Jake stopped eating before I did.
Jake made it a wonderful day and turning 23 wasn't as bad as I thought. I still feel 18, sad huh?

Valentines day was very low key and just how I wanted it to be. We actually celebrated it on Saturday and brought Addison along with us. We decided to go to Panda Express cause it seems like everyone else in the world decided to celebrate the early too... Anyway, after dinner we went to the junction and played at the arcade. Addison had so much fun and secretly Jake and I did too.
After playing there we got Addi into bed and grabbed some Ben and Jerrys, watched a movie on Netflix and fell asleep ;) It was a perfect Vday! Jake surprised me on the actually day and got me a ipod shuffle! Its pretty sweet! Now I have something to help encourage me to workout after this baby is born. I did clean our very unorganized room for him and made him chocolate covered strawberries! They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

Now the best for last! Our sweet Addi mei mei turned 2 on Feb 16th! I cannot believe I have a 2 year old and another on the way! I still think I am 18 remember? :)
Well our luck would have it that Addison would get super sick a couple days before. They (the DR) didn't come out and say what she had but they think it was RSV or Asthma, so they sent us home with meds and a nebulizer. AWESOME! Well her birthday morning she woke up and seemed to be doing a lot better so we thought lets still do what we were planning on doing and see how it goes.
We took her McDonald's to get a happy meal cause what kid doesn't love that?! While we were there she became very hyper... not sure if it was her meds or the fact that we were finally out of the house but she was excited about everything! Her own sody (soda), her toy and oddly the lights there??? Well we thought we would still be okay to take her to the movie Gnomeo and Juliet. That didn't go so well... she was up and down the stairs in the theater the whole time, we probably took her out 5 times and it was just plain stressful!
I thought it would be okay because back in December we took her to see Tangled and she sat through the whole movie! Maybe she was still excited out the lights or sody, who knows.

Then we threw her a family party on Sunday! It turned out fantastic and I am so grateful for all the help! The party was under the sea/Little Mermaid themed. If anyone knows or has spent some time with Addi you would know she loves the Little Mermaid! You show her a picture or a toy of her and she will start to sing the ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ahhhhh... yeah, you get the point. Its adorable. Addison has seriously been so excited about being sung Happy Birthday to since the beginning of Jan probably. She sang it everyday in the tub during breakfast, lunch and dinner. So when it was her time her face said it all and she knew what to do! She blew those candles out like a champ with no help! I wish I took a picture but I was too focused on videoing it.
She loved all her gifts and still sings Happy Birthday throughout the day.
I seriously cannot get enough of her! Addison is the perfect child (in my eyes) she makes me laugh all day and says the cutest things. She calls Jake Jakey, and for awhile was calling me weesha... I kept saying, no mommy.
Words that I love to hear her say
Nank you (thank you)
Elcome (welcome)
Uv you (love you)
Whats up
Princess (with a lisp)
Maggot (Maverick)
Baby brodder (brother)
Cockalooloo (cockadoodledoo)
Riddit riddit (ribbit ribbit

There is a lot more but it will take way too long! She cracks me up like no other and I am grateful to spend everyday all day with her even if sometimes she can make me a little crazy!
I will leave it at that so enjoy the pictures!

I love this picture... She settled right down when Jake let her hold on to his fingers
plus I love her little hands, ears, nose, and her cute hair!

One day old :)

Her party decor! I thought it turned out perfect!
Gotta love the real fish too!

She fell asleep right before the party started in the oddest position

Playing with her cousins

Ha ha! I love all their expressions
The Girls

Her bike from mommy and daddy!

Her birthday cupcakes

We look more excited about her party, but don't let her
face fool you! She was loving all the attention!

Her princess dress and every other gift she got...
I think she was afraid if she put them down they would be high jacked

Brooky looks so happy

I just wanted to throw this in there... I got this adorable mini chair and desk for Addison yesterday at Ross! It was such a good deal! And she looks so cute sitting at it coloring. She loves to color!