Friday, July 24, 2009

Jakes paid time off!!!

Jake had the whole week off from July 6 Monday- July 14th cause he had too much PTO at work and he was told to take a week off. So we decided to do some fun and cheap things around here. Let me just say how much I wish he never had to work! I love having him around! He happens to be (along with Addi) my most favoritest person in the whole entire world! He lights up my life ha ha.

So we started our little staycation off with a walk around Layton park! I happen to think it's one pretty park and the ducks are fun to watch. I love when its spring and there is a ton of little baby ducks, they are cute.

Then on Tuesday we went to Surf N Swim with my mom and little sisters plus my brother Nick and his wife came and my sister Sharee and her two kids. It was fun! Addison seems to like the water if only her legs are in it, just like her mom ;). Jake loved being in the pool.
On Wednesday we went spent the day cleaning and organizing the house and just had a relaxing day. Sometimes its nice getting Addi and bringing her in our bed in the morning and just the three of us chilling in there.

Then on Thurday we went on a hike up Taylors Canyon. Holy CRAP I am out of shape! I was dying! I wanted to turn around after five minutes! But Jake wouldn't let me... plus I couldn't be the one to give up, the only thing I was carrying was our water. Jake just kept going and he even was carrying Addi on his back. Such a show off! Jk ;) he kept encouraging me and telling me I was doing so good... with the sun beating down on me and the burn in my legs I wanted to give up, but seeing Jake carrying our chub of a daughter up that hill without even slowing down I knew I had to keep going.

We then went on another hike with my family a couple days later and it was only suppose to be a 1 1/2 mile hike but it was a 3 1/2 miles long just one way! Not to mention straight up inclines! It was so worth it in the end cause the view was amazing!

We also have been bringing our dog Maverick on hikes with us and I wasn't sure how he would do since he is a little stub of a dog but he did awesome! He didn't even need his leash... just followed us the whole time! I was so proud! Ha

We also got to go to Lagoon twice for super cheap thanks to my little sister!
It was soooo freaking hot! I got to go on a couple rides with Jake the first time, but the second time around I only went on one with him and we brought his nephew to be his riding buddy since I had Addi. I just hung out with my sister and her little kids in kiddy land.
Addi got to ride on the train and she loved it! We also took her on the haunted house there and I was probably more scared than she was and I know it is a lame haunted house but I was afraid for Addi :)

On a side note so when we were standing in line for our tickets my sister Sharee had both of her kids with her and only one stroller so I told her I would hold Brooklyn for her while she stood in line, so Jake had Addi who was in her stroller standing in line with my sister while I hung out with brooklyn the shade, so I watching them and I notice this lady behind Jake putting her hands all over Addi!!!! She was rubbing her face, arms, and legs.... I was sitting there... horrified! Thinking what the eff! Why isn't Jake stopping her. This went on for about five minutes just dying. Well finally I go and get her cause at this point she is screaming! I was too (inside)!
Well Jake finally comes over and I was like why in the world were you letting that lady rub her hands all over our baby?!
Jake was like she was blind, so what was I suppose to say to her.
Okay so I am sorry if this will offend you, but I don't care what is wrong with you! Ya don't touch someones baby! let alone their FACE!!! I basically bathed her in hand sanitizer.
Stuff like that makes me so mad! I mean come on... REALLY? :)

So needless to say we had lots of fun with Jakes time off and we miss him being around all day

Surf N Swim
Jake looks naked... HOTT!

She is just like her daddy! Loves the outdoors
The amazing view... I look exhausted

Ha ha my little brother... hes single ladies!
Maverick! he pretty much loved it

Jake, Jared, My dad, and Elizabeth

On the Train at Lagoon
I just thought this was cute... learning Spanish with Jake


Friday, July 10, 2009

The 4th

The 4th was pretty fun! We woke up early and headed to my sister Sharee's house for a big breakfast with my parents, two younger sisters and my two older sisters plus their little families.
It was a very delightful and fatty breakfast! After breakfast Jake had to head into work... Lame huh?! After he left everyone else headed to the Layton parade. It was pretty fun. When the city council men drove past in their convertible my dad was like watch this Alicia and shouted "lower our taxes! Lower our taxes!" It was funny, the guy just turned and gave him a thumbs up. My dad is awesome!

When the parade was over we were pretty pooped and just relaxed then headed over to my parents house. We got Pizza and stuff to make ice cream sundaes. YUM! By that point Jake was off of work and came to join us to watch fireworks on my parents deck. They have a view of
basically all of Davis county and North Salt lake. It was perfect cause we saw Layton, Clearfields, Lagoons and many others fireworks. Addison was so fasinated by the fireworks! It was a fabulous 4th!

Our little family!

Brooklyn, Addison, and Savanna.
Funny thing about those flags that they handed out at the parade is they said made in China.
What the eff?