Thursday, October 4, 2012

Family Movie Night

On Saturday we decided have a family movie night.  We went to dollar general and had Addi pick out candy and then headed to Redbox.  The only kid movie we could find was
The Pirates! Band of Misfits.  It was alright... a few funny moments but I don't think we will ever watch it again.  The kids sat through the whole thing! I think the candy helped.  It was the first time we really let Beckem eat EAT candy and he went CRAZY! He would start randomly start laughing and just being plain crazy! I don't know if we will ever let him have that much candy again. 

The whole Pruett family!
 Can you tell they are siblings?! They make the exact same faces 

 Her chocolate mustache
 He was busy watching the previews 
 My cute BABIES
I love doing things like this with my family! I like to think it makes my kids feel special that we plan activities according to what they like.  It was a good family night!
I love my family!!! 

Monday, October 1, 2012


My sister Jessica's husband is has been going to medical school and in September they made their next move to Florida for another round of it! Lucky for us they made a slight detour to our house and stay for a whole day!
Addison was happy to have her "friends" here! They got a lot of playing in for the short time they were here.  It was sad to see them go but glad they were able to stop by and see us!

Hanging out in Addi's bed
 The girls pretending to be asleep
 Our Angelic pose... haha