Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Boy or Girl???

We will be finding out what the gender of baby #2 in a week... I thought it would be fun to see what everyone thinks the sex of our baby will be. So vote! Please!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BABY NUMBER 2 is coming in JUNE!

THAT'S RIGHT! We have done it again! We just think we can make pretty darn good babies so we thought why not add another one into the mix!
I had my second Dr appointment today and I will be 11 weeks tomorrow. I love to see the changes every time we go and boy has our little kidney bean changed! We could see everything, legs, arms and even little fingers! It was moving around like crazy and I couldn't believe that I am carrying yet another one of Jake's babies ;)
Addison doesn't really understand that I have a baby in my stomach, but I am sure once I start getting fat she will be curious. She came with Jake and I to the appointment today and my Dr handed the ultrasound pictures to Jake and Addison pulled it right out of his hands just stared at them like whats so interesting about this?
We are all so excited and I can't wait to see how Addison reacts to a baby in the house... she loves babies and she is such a good little mommy with her dolls! As I type this she is trying to put on her size 5 diapers on her little doll... she can change all the new babies diapers if she wants, fine by me! HA HA
This pregnancy has been pretty good so far! I have yet to be super sick or throw up... THANK GOODNESS! I am however sooo sooo tired! I think it's cause I am having to entertain a toddler all day. Jake had helped a lot around the house and with Addison even though he works and goes to school full time.
I am due June 8th... so freakin far away!

Who wouldn't want another on of these beautiful things?!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Better late than never right?

Halloween is always a good time... My family has a Halloween party every year and it gets better every time! Addison was fun to watch this year! This time around she could walk to the door and when it was time to move onto the next house she would run and say go go go!
Addison was a black kitty! My mom made the arm and leg warmers plus the cute tutu and tale! She did such a great job... She made all the little girls costumes this year and even last years. My mom is super Grandma!
I was lucky to ride around my parents car while Jake took her door to door... It was way toooo cold for me. Addison was so excited about her candy, as was Jake and I :). We all shared Addi's hard work and boy did it taste good. It actually lasted us a good while. Jake was a dog to go along with Addison's cat costume. I wanted to dress up but at the last minute things didn't work out... oh well, there is always next year right?
Here are some photos of our fun Halloween night... ENJOY!

These two pictures below kill me! She was eating her chili how she thought a cat would!

Look how pleased she is!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The three little ladies

Addison was born a month after two of her cousins, Savanna (Jessica's) and Brooklyn (Sharee's). Needless to say they are all really close in age.
At first they didn't really notice one another but recently they have become good little friends.
They all have such funny personalities!
Addison loves to just follow them around and play with them.
When they were all newborns everyone use to say Addison was the nuggets, Brooklyn was the Jr cheese burger and Savanna was the BIG MAC! Now I think Addison is the biggest!
What can I say, she loves her food! I try to get Addi to say their names and when she will its Booky for Brooklyn and Nanna for Savanna.


BIG MAC, Jr Cheese burger, and the chicken nugget

I love this photo of them! They are so funny!
We looked over and they were all sitting like that on their own,
they are the best of friends!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Confessions of my Obsessions

Mmmm Pizza Factory Bread Twistssss... Must have with ranch!

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

THE BEST SHOW EVER! Jake and I die laughing in every episode.
I highly recommend it if you are into a good laugh!
You have to watch from the beginning though... Cockamouse episode is HILARIOUS!

If you are like me and suffer from freakin bad skin this stuff rocks!

AAAAANNNNND This adorable little lady! She seriously cracks Jake and I up all day!
She says so many things now!
Some of my favorites are Calcon (all gone or all done), butt, buuubutton (bellybutton), Nooooo,
Papa, poooopie, Jush (juice), cookie, Elllllo (hello), hi, booty (blankie), fund (fun), funnnny.
She is seriously so freakin cute I can't ever get mad at her cause when I try she says the craziest stuff!

So long sweeeet summer...

Now that summer is pretty much over :( I wanted to stay positive and I thought well why not kill two birds with one stone and BLOG what I am looking forward to this fall! Boring I know but our camera has hid our charger so I haven't been able to take any pictures of what we have been up to, so for now you get pics from the internet or phone or just non at all.
I really am excited for fall! I look forward to several things cause of this season!

*The smell of fall... You all know what I am talking about, the crisp fresh smell. Mmm

* Fall clothes shopping!

*Taking Addison to the pumkin patch

*Addison's Halloween costume... debating between Tinkerbell or a black cat. Give me your input! I can't decide between the two!

*Taking Addison trick or treating... I am trying to teach her to say it, its a work in progress

*Eating her candy ha ha

*Family Halloween party! What to be
what to be...

*Hot chocolate and hot cider

*Homemade breadsticks and chili

*THANKSGIVING!!!! And everything that comes with it!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

My DAMN blog is updated! ;) Cortnie

Well, Well... we meet again my outdated blog! I will do a fast update on the last couple of months and then a regular post on whats going on now!!! Deep breath and GO!

March- March 20th was a awesome day! Not cause New Moon came out on DVD or because it was the first day of spring but because it is mine and Jake's wedding anniversary!!! Two years baby!
We dropped Addison off at my moms and headed to check out a car we were looking to buy... We loved it and the condition it was in was perfect! So we purchased our first family car! A 2003 Honda Pilot! I love it! Its roomy and I won't be stressed beyond belief when I drive it in the snow!
Then we headed to Park city to do some shopping and lunch and then went to Salt Lake to go to dinner... It was fun but we had to leave early to get Addison cause she thought it would be convenient to get really sick while we were gone!

April-we had Easter! Addison understood it better this time and thought it would be awesome if she could eat all my cad berry eggs! YEP! Every single one! Sad day :(
Then my little brother Jared left on his mission! That was hard! I cried like a baby! He is going to be an awesome missionary! He is in Brazil and loving it!

May- We decided we needed a little vacation! Sooo to Southern Utah it was! We went to my Grandparent's house in New Harmony (right across Kolob canyons) and relaxed all weekend!
It was a blast. My sister Jessica and her family came and so did my little sister Katie and cousin Mckayla... the little girls helped babysit while we went into St George for dinner and shopping!
It was so fun!
My brother Randy came to visit! We don't get to see him very often so it was nice to see him and a lot of fun! We went bowling and had a BBQ!

Now JUNE!!! Yay! June is the best! Its the start of summer and swimming!
We had my little sisters birthday (happy birthday Katie!) I made her those cute fabric flower headbands! They are so easy to make!
We have been on a couple different hikes... we love to hike, when its easy for me! ;)
Then it was my sister Sharees birthday (happy birthday). We went to Surf N Swim! Addison loves swimming so she stayed out all day! It was great! Then for fathers day we went to my oldest brothers house and ate great food and played with their adorable kitty! Not a cat person but this little guy won me over!

Well there ya go, now for the update on Addison! She is not a baby anymore! :( she doesn't even have an ounce of baby left in her! As I type she is standing on a kid chair eating cookie crisps!
She walks everywhere, loves to eat everything and wins over the hearts of everyone! She is always so happy and smiley! She loves when people laugh cause she thinks its something she did and will laugh along with you! We took her in for a check up and weighs 24 pounds and is 31 inches tall! She is a chunk!
Some new words she says... kunk-skunk, ar, ar, arf, arf (dog barking?), Addi, MMMma-Grandma, Papa-Grandpa, caca-ooo - cockadoodle, ouch, ahhh (manly grunt), UP.
She loves little animals and wants to pick them up and give kisses!

For our little family, well we are gggggreat! ha ha... We are going to start getting our house ready to sale! A little nervous but it is in the next step to getting where we want to be. Jake is doing great in school! He will be graduating this coming spring! Then its onto his masters... school is never ending for him but I am grateful for all the hard work he puts into it! It will be over sooner than I think (fingers crossed)!
Well enjoy the many, many pictures!

Trying to get away from my loves!!!
Showing off that beach bod!!!
I'm a lucky girl! Ha ha what a dork!
Swimming like a fish!

HA HA HA! Savanna... This is where she really looks like Grandpa Shawn
HA HA Jake lost
Me and the little toddler
Like the new swim suit? I DO?! the first swimming suit that I don't feel self conscious in.
Thanks Hapari
Sun bathing with daddy!
Hiking with the girls! They loved throwing rocks into the river off of the bridge

Easter morning! She loved the candy!
With all her cousins at my parents house... Addison needs a sibling ;)
Our eggs
One of the very few pictures of the three of us together

Wanted to be in the pool not the hot tub

Getting sleepy

sleeping in the TUB!
Singing with Grandpa and Aunt Katie!
Look at his cute little butt!! Mmm

First set of braids

All the sisters with Jared at his open house!
If any of you have sisters or cousins his age let me know! He is a great catch!
Plus you would be related to me!

He didn't want to look at me or he would start crying cause he was going to miss me sooo much ;)

My two favorite people!

She only wanted to fall asleep on daddy's lap

Feeding the dog some grass

Love her too much!