Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloweenie time!

It was a pretty good Halloween season! We didn't get to go to the annual Guthrie Halloween party, however the weather was perfect (warm with a fall breeze) and the kids had a blast!

We started out the season by going to a pumpkin patch.  It had lots of fun things!

HAHAHA Crazy girl

This is a Zonkie (zebra donkey) You can barely see it.
Addison always pulling a face
The hay ride to feed cows tortilas
eating tortila out of her hand
A baby and its momma
Another baby with its momma

Petting the piglets! 

Waiting for the pig race to start
Piglets racing

 loved the ponies
She was in HEAVEN!
He... was not into the ponies

Or goats 
Or the yak


But he loved the corn box
As did she

Looking for our pumpkins

The Saturday before Halloween our ward put on a Trunk or Treat.  It was nice to sit in my car while Jake took the kids around for a few minutes and came back with lots of candy! 

Then Halloween night we dressed the kids up took them around our neighborhood and enjoyed not freezing to death this year! Addison was so excited... as we walked out of the house she yelled "This is going to be so FUN!" Half hour later she was done for the night!
I missed being with everyone back home but I am glad I am in the ward I am in, it has made it a lot easier to be away from home. 
Hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

She was going to town with that lipgloss!

Beckem is in that car haha

Elephant and Rapunzel
Only way to get him to smile with his costume was by putting a sucker in his mouth

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Family Movie Night

On Saturday we decided have a family movie night.  We went to dollar general and had Addi pick out candy and then headed to Redbox.  The only kid movie we could find was
The Pirates! Band of Misfits.  It was alright... a few funny moments but I don't think we will ever watch it again.  The kids sat through the whole thing! I think the candy helped.  It was the first time we really let Beckem eat EAT candy and he went CRAZY! He would start randomly start laughing and just being plain crazy! I don't know if we will ever let him have that much candy again. 

The whole Pruett family!
 Can you tell they are siblings?! They make the exact same faces 

 Her chocolate mustache
 He was busy watching the previews 
 My cute BABIES
I love doing things like this with my family! I like to think it makes my kids feel special that we plan activities according to what they like.  It was a good family night!
I love my family!!! 

Monday, October 1, 2012


My sister Jessica's husband is has been going to medical school and in September they made their next move to Florida for another round of it! Lucky for us they made a slight detour to our house and stay for a whole day!
Addison was happy to have her "friends" here! They got a lot of playing in for the short time they were here.  It was sad to see them go but glad they were able to stop by and see us!

Hanging out in Addi's bed
 The girls pretending to be asleep
 Our Angelic pose... haha

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I dont wanna taco bout it

A long time ago in a far away land called childhood I remember having this nightmare and it went a little something like this.

I boarded this bus full of taco people... like tacos with faces, arms, legs and some even had mustaches (like the one in the photo bellow), but that is beside the point, so I was riding along with my fellow tacos and arrived into town.
Everyone in town was also a taco, except for me... I guess you could say I was the minority.
Well everytaco was so kind and friendly and I even had made friends with a taco that was a male and he was showing me around and introducing me the other taco friends, unfortunately this is where the dream takes a turn for the worse.
I was getting up off a bench and when all the taco people looked at me they all gasped in horror!
I had sat/crushed a fellow taco person not just a fellow taco but a granny taco with a little cane and I had done the unthinkably... I killed her! The people of tacoville were angry and starting chasing me with what I believe were utensils... they wanted me dead!

I thankfully woke up and I believe this is where my dislike for hardshell tacos began.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Out of the mouth of babes

Can I just say Addi reminds me everyday how lucky I am to be a mom! She is a stinker most of the time, but boy does she make me feel so much joy every single day! Addi always is saying the funniest things and I had to write the ones down that she said just today.

Yes, we spent most of our afternoon at Target :)

While walking into target Addi noticed some trees that were loosing some leafs and she said "mom, that tree is deciduous".  I was like, what now? I had to ask Jake that even meant.  Sadly she can pronounce it way better than I can.

Jake will take the Ipad to work for when he has conference calls or other important things to takes notes on it.  Well today Addi did not want him to take it and she ended up getting her way (don't judge, I wanted to go to Target with a happy child).  Well while we were walking around Target she had a sad face and I asked her what was wrong and she said "I feel bad I didn't let daddy have my Ipad, he really wanted it and I wouldn't let him".  I asked her if she wanted to call and say sorry and she replied "nope".

Addi really wants the brave polly pocket and when she saw it she shouted "OH! We need to buy this"!
She ended up carrying it around the store the whole time and I told her that I forgot my money so we couldn't get it. Her respones was "I have an idea! How about we take it now,  go home to get your money and then come back and pay for it".  I explained that the store doesn't allow toys to leave that aren't paid for.  We walked back to put it away and she stuff it in a random home items shelf and said "lets hide it here so no one find it".

On the way home it was getting cloudy and barely windy but Addison thought a tornado was coming so she yelled "hurry daddy! A tomato is coming"!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

HI, im sixteen

Well... Looking at my face you would think I just hit puberty! Call Pizza Hut cause I have a pepperoni pizza to deliver!
All joking aside, I am really annoyed about whats been going on with my face since moving here.  I know I should be grateful to have two eyes to see and legs to walk but I am tired of not having clear skin, I am 24 for crying out loud!  When I was a teenager I actually had pretty decent skin while going through puberty not perfect but a lot better then whats been going on! I just don't get why... I wash my face day and night, clean my pillow cases all the time and I eat healthy foods (most of the time) and drinks lots of water. 

If this is my body hitting puberty late then I better be getting a nice set of tatas that never showed up either!