Saturday, October 2, 2010

The three little ladies

Addison was born a month after two of her cousins, Savanna (Jessica's) and Brooklyn (Sharee's). Needless to say they are all really close in age.
At first they didn't really notice one another but recently they have become good little friends.
They all have such funny personalities!
Addison loves to just follow them around and play with them.
When they were all newborns everyone use to say Addison was the nuggets, Brooklyn was the Jr cheese burger and Savanna was the BIG MAC! Now I think Addison is the biggest!
What can I say, she loves her food! I try to get Addi to say their names and when she will its Booky for Brooklyn and Nanna for Savanna.


BIG MAC, Jr Cheese burger, and the chicken nugget

I love this photo of them! They are so funny!
We looked over and they were all sitting like that on their own,
they are the best of friends!