Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Jake!

For Jake's Birthday we dropped Addi off at my mom's and went to Cafe Rio for lunch and then went and saw The Goods... it was lame, but Jake liked it. After that Jake had class (lame), but luckily it got out two hours early, so we went and picked out an ice cream cake and then headed home.

Now here is the mushy stuff.... you can skip this part

Let me just say that I am pretty sure I married the SWEETEST, FUNNIEST, SMARTEST, most ADORABLEST man alive! Jake would do anything for anyone. He is my Heaven on Earth!
Jake is going to school full time and working full time just so he can provide for our little family... he works so hard so that I am able to stay at home with Addi and to me that is a blessing.
Jake is my best friend and I think is an amazing husband and dad!
I am so lucky to have him in my life!

Happy Birthday You sexy piece of... ACE! 24 is old ;)

Addi enjoying daddy's ice cream cake
Jake and Addi
Our happy family....
ignore my awkward pose, I look stupid!
Heading to the movies

My baby is 6 Months!

Ah! When did this happen!? She is getting so big now.... Addi is our iddy biddy. We took her into her 6 month check up and she weighs 15.5 pounds, 27 in long. Our little baby girl is long and lean like her mom (Drs words not mine). Addi loves her daddy... whenever he is in the room she just smiles and talks to him nonstop and when he leaves the room she looks for him and waits quietly. She also loves the mirror and her cousins or any little person for that matter. Sometimes I think Addi thinks she is a big person and these "little kids" are funny to watch.
Addi already has quite the personality! Everyone thinks she is going to be a little comedian.

Addi still is the perfect baby. She sleeps through the night, loves people (social like her daddy) and only gets fussy when she is tired or hungry (kinda like me) ;)

Things she does now:
Screams (excitement not tantrums)
laughs and smiles all the time
Pulls the blanket over her face to play pickaboo
laughs, talks, and has said DaDa.....
Rolls everywhere!
Can stand while holding onto things
Eats cerael and anything else that she can get in her mouth
Almost can sit up, just waiting on that

I feel so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful, adorable healthy and happy baby girl!

My tiny baby girl just 1 day old!
And now look at her!!!! Growing up sooo fast!
This dress is from her GREAT Grandma Carol... I love her & miss her!

She loves this Giraffe.. She cuddles all the time
:) Addicted to the computer