Tuesday, October 21, 2008

20 weeks and 3 days!

Today was our big ultra sound! I seriously couldn't sleep last night because I was afraid I would sleep in and miss my appointment. I was so excited that it was finally here.
We got there super early and ended up waiting over 40 minutes before they actually saw us. :)
The lady that did my ultrasound was super nice and did such a wonderful job of showing us what needed and wanted to see. She said everything looks perfect! We are for sure having a girl!!!! Yay. They had a hard time seeing her face at first cause she was either curled up in this way uncomfortable ball or moving like crazy, but they ended up getting some pretty hilarious shots.
She is weighing in about 12 1/2 ounces with a wonderful round head! She looked so perfect... her little hands and feet! It was sooo neat.
The best part besides knowing that she is healthy and growing, is watching my adorable husbands face. He thinks its the coolest thing ever! I love him :)
I will have to post some pictures of her and my ET looking belly... I just am too lazy to look for my camera, but I will try to by the end of this week.
Oh, and a side note... so they had the Dr come in to go over some stuff, which he didn't, he just asked if we had any questions so I was like is it okay if I am always eating junk food? I seriously can't stop? (like right now I want a famous star with no cheese and a diet coke Mmmmm).
The Dr was like no its fine for the baby, but if you were fat I would tell you to change your diet.

Monday, October 20, 2008

pure talent

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This is us on our honeymoon right before California Adventures was closing... We thought it would be a cool background with the lights, but I had been messing with the camera which made everything look like you are on drugs. It looks like the rocket is growing out of my head! SAD!
The guy that took this didn't speak any English.... ya gotta love it!

I tag, Jamie, Camie, Jodie, and Katy...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bathroom Etiquette

Most people that know me know I HATE using any public bathrooms, and yes this has become a huge problem being pregnant and working 8 hour shifts. Let me go over some of the reasons as to why.
For some odd reason people like to catch up with you if you run into them in there... I had a lady start asking all the pregnant questions while she was peeing in the other stall.
Then there is the always awkward sounds coming from the person next to you... You feel like holding your breath for more then just one reason.
Don't even get me started on with the whole guy and girl bathrooms! Yuck! It doesn't matter how clean they are
they are still so disgusting
I wont go to the bathroom if the seat is warm... it grosses me out to think that someone else just used it. If I am at anyones house I will have to be on the verge of peeing my pants in order to go and if that happens I have to have the water running, even at my own house.
I think since going to the bathroom consists of coming out of our private parts we should keep keep it private and to ourselves!
There you have it!

In other news...
On Thursday night Jake and I went to the Real game, parking was crazy! and it was freezing! But it was a good game and something different to do. Plus I got a new jacket for the occasion.
A win, win. Last night I went to the international house of pancakes! Thats right.. Ihop. Mmm it was good, I got the pumkin pancakes... they weren't to bad.
I went with my friends Tiffani and Laurie while my wonderful husband earned money.
Then we went to the mall, I love that place. Afterwards I headed home to go get a movie and dinner with Jake. We got KFC and bought Iron man. Such a good movie.
Well thats about it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's been a very long time... so here is a little update!

My friend Kelsey has been getting on my case about updating since the last time I posted was back in MAY! I know, I know.... I am such a slacker. Well I will try to do my best to let the very few that read this know what has been going on with us.

On July 12 we got some surprising but exciting news! We were expecting our first child! It was a Saturday and it was my friend's (Kelsey) baby shower and she kept telling me that I should take a test since I was having some signs of being pregnant. Well I had put it off long enough and after the shower I went to her house to take it. Well I took it and I was like oh... its negative like last time.
Kelsey told me to show her... she was like um that means positive! I thought it could only have the positive sign to mean I was pregnant. I was so shocked!
Jake this whole time was out golfing with his friend and was suppose to be meeting me at my parents, and I didn't want to tell him over the phone so I left to go meet him... lets just say that it was an overwhelming drive.
Well I met Jake at my parents and told him the sweet news. He was pretty shocked himself, but was very excited.

I am now just about 19 weeks along and the Dr said it looks like we are having a baby GIRL!
When I found that out all I could think about was those adorable headbands! Our big appointment is coming in 2 weeks and we will know for sure if it is for sure a girl.
The Dr was pretty sure since she was spread eagle. :) My two older sisters Sharee and Jessica are also having babies both January so a little before me and they too are having girls!
I have been feeling baby Pruett kick a ton this past week and on conference Sunday the baby was kicking like crazy! Jake even got to feel the tiny tap. It was amazing!
Well thats all the updating for tonight, but I will try to keep this updated.