Friday, January 29, 2010

HOLY MOLY!!! I haven't blogged in... well... FOREVER! What can I say, my blogging skills aren't the best. No worries though, I will try to update the last couple months and keep it as short as possible.

The end of summer ended way to soon. I hate that point where it's time for Jake to go back to school. He is a very hard worker and we are very proud of him! But gosh darnit! We want him home more so we can play. September, nothing too exciting happened... That I can think of.
October was fun cause the weather was changing and Halloween with a baby is fun! You get to dress them up and show them off, plus you get all the candy since they can't eat any of it.
Addison was a bumblebee. My mom made hers and all the little girl cousins costumes.
Jake dressed up as... well i'm not really sure, he just really wanted a mask. I was a twister girl.
It was a fun Halloween spent with the family.
November was great cause of Thanksgiving. My family was in Washington so we spent it with Jake's family. It was a little strange since I have always spent it with mine, but the food was good and the company was interesting.
December was the BEST! Christmas was great! It's fun to spend it with a baby. I know she really didn't know what was going on, but I sure enjoyed it. I woke everyone up as early as Jake would let me and we opened our gifts. Addison didn't really have a lot of toys, so for Christmas we made up for that and got her a good amount. She honestly loved all her gifts and was so excited. The cutest is the cabbage patch baby and the stroller... she pushes it back and forth in the living room. She loves babies... she is always trying to feed it and give it loves. It's crazy how at this age she already knows what to do with it.
January has been way fun. We went to California for my birthday. It was so fun and we spent a day at Disneyland! It's funny how that place never gets old! Addison did so good! She didn't cry the entire day. It really is the happiest place on earth! We also visited the aquarium, a science museum and the beach. The waves were crazy big from the storms so it was fun to watch those. It was pouring rain the first couple of days we were there but luckily the day we went to Dland and the beach it was perfect weather!
*SIGH*! Well there you have it... the last couple of months for us were very fun and exciting!
I love having Addison in our lives! She makes every trip, holiday and moment that much more fun! Now we have Addison's one year birthday coming up in Feb. Well here are some pictures, ENJOY!

PS sorry, but there is a lot!
PSS can you believe how big my baby is getting?!