Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloweenie time!

It was a pretty good Halloween season! We didn't get to go to the annual Guthrie Halloween party, however the weather was perfect (warm with a fall breeze) and the kids had a blast!

We started out the season by going to a pumpkin patch.  It had lots of fun things!

HAHAHA Crazy girl

This is a Zonkie (zebra donkey) You can barely see it.
Addison always pulling a face
The hay ride to feed cows tortilas
eating tortila out of her hand
A baby and its momma
Another baby with its momma

Petting the piglets! 

Waiting for the pig race to start
Piglets racing

 loved the ponies
She was in HEAVEN!
He... was not into the ponies

Or goats 
Or the yak


But he loved the corn box
As did she

Looking for our pumpkins

The Saturday before Halloween our ward put on a Trunk or Treat.  It was nice to sit in my car while Jake took the kids around for a few minutes and came back with lots of candy! 

Then Halloween night we dressed the kids up took them around our neighborhood and enjoyed not freezing to death this year! Addison was so excited... as we walked out of the house she yelled "This is going to be so FUN!" Half hour later she was done for the night!
I missed being with everyone back home but I am glad I am in the ward I am in, it has made it a lot easier to be away from home. 
Hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

She was going to town with that lipgloss!

Beckem is in that car haha

Elephant and Rapunzel
Only way to get him to smile with his costume was by putting a sucker in his mouth


Sharee said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time! Christmas is around the corner and you won't miss the guthrie family party this time!

Anonymous said...

darling kids! love the pictures.