Thursday, September 13, 2012

Out of the mouth of babes

Can I just say Addi reminds me everyday how lucky I am to be a mom! She is a stinker most of the time, but boy does she make me feel so much joy every single day! Addi always is saying the funniest things and I had to write the ones down that she said just today.

Yes, we spent most of our afternoon at Target :)

While walking into target Addi noticed some trees that were loosing some leafs and she said "mom, that tree is deciduous".  I was like, what now? I had to ask Jake that even meant.  Sadly she can pronounce it way better than I can.

Jake will take the Ipad to work for when he has conference calls or other important things to takes notes on it.  Well today Addi did not want him to take it and she ended up getting her way (don't judge, I wanted to go to Target with a happy child).  Well while we were walking around Target she had a sad face and I asked her what was wrong and she said "I feel bad I didn't let daddy have my Ipad, he really wanted it and I wouldn't let him".  I asked her if she wanted to call and say sorry and she replied "nope".

Addi really wants the brave polly pocket and when she saw it she shouted "OH! We need to buy this"!
She ended up carrying it around the store the whole time and I told her that I forgot my money so we couldn't get it. Her respones was "I have an idea! How about we take it now,  go home to get your money and then come back and pay for it".  I explained that the store doesn't allow toys to leave that aren't paid for.  We walked back to put it away and she stuff it in a random home items shelf and said "lets hide it here so no one find it".

On the way home it was getting cloudy and barely windy but Addison thought a tornado was coming so she yelled "hurry daddy! A tomato is coming"!


Cortnie Bain said...

She is Damn adorable!

Sharee said...

She is hilarious! Miss her and her funnies!

Jessica D. said...

Remember when you stole hot dogs? She is just like you. Funny girl.