Tuesday, September 11, 2012

HI, im sixteen

Well... Looking at my face you would think I just hit puberty! Call Pizza Hut cause I have a pepperoni pizza to deliver!
All joking aside, I am really annoyed about whats been going on with my face since moving here.  I know I should be grateful to have two eyes to see and legs to walk but I am tired of not having clear skin, I am 24 for crying out loud!  When I was a teenager I actually had pretty decent skin while going through puberty not perfect but a lot better then whats been going on! I just don't get why... I wash my face day and night, clean my pillow cases all the time and I eat healthy foods (most of the time) and drinks lots of water. 

If this is my body hitting puberty late then I better be getting a nice set of tatas that never showed up either!


Jessica D. said...

Ha ha, I shouldn't laugh but it seems to be hitting all of us! I think its that little piece of plastic, actually I swear it is!

Kelsey said...

Haha I seriously am laughing out loud!